Why Air Optics Contacts Are The Best For Your Eyes

Air optics are a type of contact lens that helps reduce glare and block ultraviolet rays, which have been known to be the most harmful to your eyes. One lifestyle brand that is most familiar with this technology is Oakley. In order to understand why they’re the best for you, it’s very important to go over some of their benefits and disadvantages.

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Air Optics: What Is It?

Air optics lenses are the best type of contact lens for your eyes. They provide a clear, distortion-free image, which is important for both day and night wear. Air optics lenses are also easy to care for, which is another benefit.

Speed of Vision: Fast, Inaccurate, or Sluggish

Looking into the future, one of the most important things you’ll need to keep your eyes healthy is good vision. But what does that mean for you? Essentially, it means investing in the best possible equipment to help your eyes work as efficiently as possible.

One piece of equipment that plays an important role in eye health is contact lenses. Contact lenses can be helpful in many ways, including by speeding up your vision and increasing accuracy. The problem with contact lenses, however, is that they can also be very slow and inaccurate. That’s where air optics contacts come into play.

Air optics contacts are made of a thin layer of gas-permeable material that covers the front surface of your eye’s lens. When you take them out and put them back in again, a miniature compressor chamber sweats the contacts so they form a tight seal with your eyeball. This keeps your eyes hydrated and allows oxygen and other gases to pass through to nourish and maintain your eyesight – perfect for those who wear contact lenses often or who have severe eye problems that require close inspection and carefully prescribed treatment.

Interestingly enough, air optics was originally designed for military pilots who needed to see at great distances without interruption or distortion from turbulence or rain. And while there are some drawbacks to using air optics contacts (like their slightly slower speed), overall their accuracy and durability make them one of the best choices for people looking for better vision…

How Do Air Optics Fit into Normal Contact Lenses?

There are many types of contact lenses, but air optics contacts are the best for your eyes. Air optics contact lenses use a tiny aerosol channel to send oxygen and water directly to your eyes. This helps reduce dry eye syndrome and other eye problems. 

Most air optics contacts come with a case that protect them when not in use. They also have a special coating that resists water and oil lost during daily wear. This combination makes air optics the best contact lens option for people who want the comfort of traditional contacts but also need better protection from drying out their eyes.

Application Tips and Best Uses

Air Optics contacts are the best for your eyes because they are made of special material that relaxes and revitalizes your eyes. Air Optics contacts also protect your eyes from dust, scratches, and other contaminants. Here are five application tips for using air optics contact lenses:

1) Clean your contacts every day. Apply a soft, damp cloth to the surface of each contact lens and rinse with clean water. Do not use soap or cleaning solutions.

2) Use fresh type A air optics contact lenses every day. If you wear type B or C air optics contact lenses, replace them every three months.

3) Be sure to remove any excess water from the lenses before storing them in their case.

4) Do not sleep in your contact lenses. Remove them before going to bed and store them in their case until you are ready to wear them again the next day.

5) Store your contacts in a cool place (not room temperature), protected from sunlight and rain.


If you wear contacts, then you know that they can be delicate and expensive to replace. But what if I told you that you could use regular lenses instead of contact lenses and still get the same result? That’s exactly what air optics contacts are — they’re made from special glass that is designed to work just like contact lenses but without all of the risks. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, take a look at our selection of air optics contacts and find the perfect pair for your eyes.

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