Pheromones are chemicals that can be released by animals to communicate with each other.

Until recently, most of what we knew about pheromones came from investigations into their effects on the behavior of insects.

There are several different types of pheromones that humans produce

In recent years, researchers have been investigating how other chemicals that humans produce can affect their behavior.

some scientists believe that beta-endorphins may play a role in mood regulation and stress relief.

People use pheromones to communicate, to attract mates, and to protect themselves from threats.

Pheromones are tiny molecules that can be released by vertebrates to communicate with each other.

synthetic hormones based on human pheromones have been developed for livestock farming because they help increase milk production or improve

Recent studies have also shown that human pheromones can have a significant impact on mood and anxiety levels.

Additionally, pheromones may be used as a way to initiate social interaction  perhaps when we don't feel comfortable talking to someone directly