Conventional vinegar is made from fermented grain or fruit juices, including wine and cider.

Apple cider vinegar is most commonly used in cooking, but can also be used as a hair rinse or skin toner. 

White vinegar has a very mild flavor and is usually used to dress salad or make vinaigrette.

White distilled vinegar doesn't have any flavors or acids added to it so it can be used for just about anything imaginable including table top condiments and pickles, cleaning supplies, soap making, dental floss etching

The level of acidity in vinegar is important because it affects its ability to kill microorganisms,activate enzymes, and preserve food.

Low-acid vinegars are also usually used for less intense flavors such as salad dressings or dipping sauces, while high-acidity vinegars are used for more intense flavors (like those in barbecue sauce).

Acetic acid is an indicator that measures how much acetate  is present in solution.

Organic vinegars are typically less acidic than their conventional counterparts and can be used in place of them in many recipes.

Apple cider vinegar  Apple cider vinegar is usually about 6% acid.

White vinegar Most white vinegars are around 3% acid.