Schiff's base is a fairly simple method for the preparation of copper complexes from aqueous solutions.

if you're acting like a chemist and have to prepare copper complexes from Schiff's Base using a CuSO4 solution, this article does a first-rate job explaining the process step-by-step.

Copper complexes can be prepared from Schiff's base by treating the base with an organic acid.

The reaction between Schiff's base and an organic acid is reversible and thus multiple conversions can be made between different copper complexes

The use of different organic acids will result in different copper complexes, as well as different colors of compounds.

Schiff’s base is a very versatile and powerful organic synthesis method for preparing copper complexes.

Copper complexes are powerful and valuable drugs that have numerous applications in modern pharmacology.

Carefully fractionalize the reaction product using basic nitric acid (HNO3), meta-chloroperbenzoic acid (CHCl3), or perchloric acid (HCl) according to standard conditions

Reactants should be kept tightly sealed during preparation in order to avoid oxidation and decomposition.

In this article, I provide a fast and simple method for preparing copper complexes using Schiff’s base as the starting material.