A wholesome, velvety chocolate pudding that can stand up to any other pudding recipe is delicious.

When making desserts, one of the most important factors is creating a creamy texture without using any heavy cream or butter.

The key to achieving the desired thickness and richness is choosing quality white chocolate that contains no added sugars.

For the crust, use an easy store-bought pastry crust or make your own using chocolate cookies and melted butter.

classic brownie 950 turns into a decadent and delicious dessert when frosted with creamy peanut Buttercream cheese frosting.

Be sure to refrigerate the brownies for at least two hours before serving so they firm up nicely!

Ultrafine chocolate is a type of chocolate that has been finely chopped or ground.

Milk chocolate is the classic type of chocolate that most people think of when they think about desserts.

Bittersweet chocolate should not be used in recipes with items like whipped cream because the added sweetness could overpower the flavorings in the cream.

Just because chocolate is considered a "bad" food doesn't mean that you can't make delicious desserts out of it.