Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About Scope Of Analytical Chemistry

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   What is the Scope of analytical chemistry?

Analytical chemistry is the main branch of chemistry which has vital and more critical in our daily usage of each and every thing.some major applications of analytical chemistry are biomedical applications,measurement of pollutants and other substances in our atmosphere,control of quality of different things,forensic sciences and many other fields of our daily life.Scope of analytical chemistry is the study of different types of chemical analysis which includes a wide variety of different instruments and their related technique.scope of analytical chemistry includes the importance of analyte on which different results are based.

How analytical chemistry is important for us?

Implementation of analytical chemistry has very intersting and dramatic role by the use of chemical analysis.The main function of chemical analysis in analytical chemistry is to separate the ions,elements or compounds in a material and mainly to determine the structure of the material.Analytical method should be simple and safe not only have evironmetal or instrumental safe but also should be useful for chemical analysis of a material. Basically chemical analysis is the subfield of analytical chemistry. With the advancement in the field of analytical chemistry scope of analytical chemistry is closely related to the advancement in science and analytical measurements.In addition of increasing or decreasing or by altering the technique of analysis is the main factor of altering of results of measurements,So analytical methods should be simple and easy to use.when you are using any chemical method of analysis you should follow the following precautionary measures:

Wear gloves on hands for the prevention of chemicals to hands

use mask to avoid chemical splashing.

Related to physical chemistry:

Analytical chemistry and physical chemistry has close relationship to each other as analytical chemistry is used for the detection of pollutants,to check the toxicity of food.

Division of scope of analytical chemistry:

Scope of analytical chemistry is important to all spheres but Generally scope of analytical chemistry is divided in to following discipiline:

Pharmaceutical applications of analytical chemistry:

Analytical chemistry is playing a vital role in pharmaceutical fields. It has been used  since long time in the field of pharmacy for identification of organic to inorganic compounds,separation and quantification of drugs and bioavailabilty of these drugs also.

Detrmination of self existance of compounds:

analytical chemistry is important for the existance of self life of a compound by maintaining it’s self life up to the range of 90% or more than 90%.this range of self existance of a compound is checked and analysed under the necesarry conditions  for an analysed  drug.this self existance is expiry date of that drug before which this product can be used safely under dark light or kept in refrigerator.

Determining the impurities or Adulterants in pharmaceutical products:

Presence of adulterants is a most common thing in pharmaceutical field.This problem is faced due to wide use of chemicals in the impurities if exceeds more than a safe level this drug is considerd harmful for usage and probability of drug is kept at vey low level to maintain the quality of drug.

Determination of releasing of a drug:

when a new drug is formed first of all it is necessary to checkout the releasing time of a drug.this releasing time is tested by a capability test in which a tablet capsule or an oinment is passed from its form to another form to check the releasing time this time should  be less than 1 hour because when we eat a medicine it almost takes 1 hour to release or to dissolve into the stomach.

Control of industrial process:

Analytical chemistry is commonly used to monitor the industrial process through a technique of instrumental analysis.

Analytical chemistry is used to check the super conductivity of electrical materials.

Scope of analytical chemistry in hospitals:

Analytical chemistry is used widely in hospitals in forensic science and labs for mostly criminal purpose.For this purpose DNA testing is used by using the technique of mass spectrometery and gas chromatography to gather applied.

Medical tests:

Analytical chemistry can also be used in medical tests like blood gulocose level , urine ketones and serum cholestrol .

Medical diaganosis;

Analytical chemistry can also be used in medical diaganosis by using various techniques of analytical chemistry like chromatography,spectroscopy and many others because these methods are simple and easy to use.

Used to test the chemicals in brain:

Analytical chemistry is used for the detection of different chemicals in brain .

Scope of analytical chemistry in veterinary field:

Different techniques of analytical chemistry are applied in the field of live stock to check the quality of animal feed.

Analytical chemistry has wide use in the identification of various species of live stock.

Scope of analytical chemistry in meterology:

Analytical chemistry is basically used in meteorology  to maintain precise and exact measurements for  long time.

Scope of  analyticla chemistry in the field of agriculture:

Field of agriculture also uses analytical chemistry in it’s own field.Some main uses of analytical chemistry in the field of agriculture are given  below:

Soil testing:

By using different techniques of analytical chemistry soil can be tested for various purposes of the crop and soil.

To check the organic composition of the soil that how much organic components are present in the soil to full fill the needs of harvesting crop.

For checking the microbial activity of micro organisms.

To check the fertility and pesticidal component of the soil.

Water Testing:

Testing of water plays vital role in the cultivation of crop because  good water is the basic component for the  best crop cultivation.By using the analytical method of analysis we can know which water is good for crop cultivation and which water has great capacity to deposit lime by affecting the fertility of soil and decreasing the betterment of soil.So,analytical chemistry provides us a great understanding about the checking of right water quality for soil.

Testing of harvested crop:

Harvested crop can also be tested by using the technique of analytical chemistry.whwn any crop is at the harvesting stage it under go some changes like in the pesticidal action,composition of organic material,presence of impurities and so on.When all these factors are analysed it can be decided easily whether the harvested crop can be consumed safely for the people or not.

Scope of analytical chemistry in the field of beverages and food:

Analytical chemistry is used to test and control the quality of food and beverage for good health and their right use.

Testing of contamination of food:

Many techniques of analytical chemistry helps in the checking of contamination of food which occurs due to the action of some micro organisms inside or due to some out side factors.this thing may affect the quality of food and beverage.Out side factors are improper packing,using unsuitable raw material or manufacuring process mistakes.

Altered or un desired flavour of the food:

Contamination cause the unsatisfied quality of food and beverage which may result in the altering of the flavour of food. this factor can also be checked and controlled by implementation of various techniques of analytical chemistry.

Toxicology test:

Level of toxicity can also be tested by the implementation of analytical chemistry techniques.Toxicity occurs due to the packaging failure,improper sealing ,contamination and many other factors.By using analytical microscopy technique  thisprovides a great analysis for prevention to this problem. 

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